Scalar Energy

electrical frequencies and scalar generators

QuMMulator Frequency Plugins generate various electrical frequencies along with a scalar wave or scalar field. In 1899, Nicola Tesla first demonstrated the existence of this type of energy. It’s variously known as “scalar energy” or “radiant energy” or “zero-point energy”.

Unlike electrical energy that flows in waves, scalar energy constitutes more of a field. It can not be measured with conventional scientific instruments because scalar energy exists in time but not in space. However, its effect on objects its been embedded into can be demonstrated with technology such as Kirlian photography.

Once Tesla discovered the force known as scalar energy, he became so fascinated that he completely abandoned research into one of his previous discoveries, the AC electrical current. He was convinced that scalar energy was superior to electrical energy and that the possible applications of scalar energy were almost limitless.

Because scalar energy does not move and does not decay over distance or time, Tesla envisioned it to be the carrier wave for all types of telecommunications. If our modern cellphones used scalar energy, there would be no entropy or interference caused by radio and microwave signals.

Scalar energy is cumulative. In other words, scalar energy fills its environment and gets stronger with time. This accumulation of energy is why QuMMulator’s effects increase the longer you use it.

tesla coil generator scalar energy

Science has long been aware that everything in the universe is energy and that different energies interact with one another in various ways.

Every day, our own bodies are impacted negatively by the electrical frequencies that surround us – through TVs, computers, cell phones, even your alarm clock and hair dryer. But these harmful frequencies can’t match the force of scalar energy when you harness its power to work in your favor.

QuMMulator generates a scalar field that “delivers” electrical frequencies to your own energy system

These frequencies, working with scalar energy, have a beneficial effect on your body, mind and soul.

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