About QuMMulator

QuMMulator scalar wave generator

QuMMulator has a Base Unit with ports that power up to seven USB components. In the wonderful world of QuMMulator, these USBs are called Frequency Plugins.

Each Frequency Plugin silently generates scalar energy and a specific electrical frequency. These combined energies have a direct influence on the electrical activity of our own brains.

QuMMulator is fun little device you’ll love. Just turn on Plugins to create a positive energy field that grows stronger with time!

Immerse yourself in a field of energy you create and control

Turn frequencies on or off. Experiment. Play. Find what’s right for you!

QuMMulator scalar generator Base Unit

QuMMulator is your own personal scalar energy generator

Relax. Give yourself a break. Let QuMMulator take care of you.

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Starter Packs are a simple way to begin your scalar journey:

Healing Starter Pack

scalar energy generator healing frequencies

Perfect for: Improving or maintaining physical/mental health, overall body balance, EMF protection

$539.00 $399.00 Add to cart

Soothing Starter Pack

scalar wave generator soothing frequencies

Ideal for: Anxiety and stress reduction, relaxation, pain relief, mood elevation, mental clarity, better sleep

$539.00 $399.00 Add to cart

Intimacy Starter Pack

scalar energy generator intimacy frequencies

Excellent for: Enhancing communication and understanding, connecting mentally, sexual arousal, increased enjoyment

$539.00 $399.00 Add to cart

Spiritual Starter Pack

scalar wave generator spiritual frequencies

Superb for: Deepening meditation, inner awareness, inducing visions, creativity, inward focus, unconditional love

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Starter Packs includes all you need to begin accumulating your scalar field:

  • QuMMulator Base Unit
  • Carrying case
  • 5 Frequency Plugins
  • AC adapter
  • Free Solfeggio Plugin
  • 6′ USB cable

Discover the power of combining Scalar energy with Solfeggio and other frequencies today!

Plug in the Base Unit and insert Frequency Plugins into the QuMMulator ports.

Start enjoying the vibes!

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Super Packs create an even more powerful energy field:

EMF Protection Pack

best EMF protection schumann resonance device

Perfect for: Neutralizing EMF radiation, providing stress/anxiety relief, improving mood and focus, maintaining physical and mental health.

$599.00 $449.00 Add to cart

Solfeggio Super Pack

solfeggio frequency generator with scalar wave technology

Ideal for: Putting the power of these ancient vibrations to work for you for better health, stronger mind, and spiritual blessings.

$859.00 $699.00 Add to cart

Custom Pack

custom scalar wave generator and schumann resonator

Excellent for: Creating your own unique scalar energy experience with frequencies you choose to suit your needs best.

$599.00 $449.00 Select options

Planetary Pack

scalar energy product generates electric frequencies of planets

Superb for: Mitigating negative astrological and astronomical influences, emphasizing the positive aspects of your birth chart.

$999.00 $749.00 Add to cart

Super Packs are premium products that provide you powerful results!

QuMMulator can be placed just about anywhere:

On a table, desk, shelf, counter, etc

For maximum benefit, the QuMMulator Base Unit should be kept plugged in and your selected Frequency Plugins turned on at all times.

Let QuMMulator work its magic on you while you relax at home, or use the carrying case to take it with you on the go!

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Frequency Plugins are available to purchase individually

Add to your stock of frequencies at any time!

electrical frequencies available for qummulator scalar wave generator emf blocker

Choose from over 25 different frequencies

Explore and find the combination that works best for you

Take control over your energy once and for all
Get QuMMulator today!

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