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Studies and Articles on EMF – Health – Scalar Energy

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and Potential Adverse Health Affects

Human disease resulting from exposure to electromagnetic fields

German Doctors unite on RF health effects

Maternal Exposure to Magnetic Fields During Pregnancy in Relation to the Risk of Asthma in Offspring

American Environmental Health Foundation – Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity

Scientific studies about health effects of wireless technology

A possible association between fetal/neonatal exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation and the increased incidence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Autism and EMF? Plausibility of a pathophysiological link part II

Facts and Figures on Cellular Phone Radiation

Occupational exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields and brain tumour risks in the INTEROCC study

Diverse biological effects of electromagnetic-treated water

Cell Phone Radiation Boosts Cancer Rates in Animals; $25 Million NTP Study Finds Brain Tumors

Fact or Fiction?: Cell Phones Can Cause Brain Cancer

Cancer Risks from Microwaves Confirmed

Extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields cause DNA strand breaks in normal cells

Electrical Sensitivity Forum

Effects of Wi-Fi (2.45 GHz) Exposure on Apoptosis, Sperm Parameters and Testicular Histomorphometry in Rats: A Time Course Study

A Primer on Electromagnetic Sensitivity by Michael P. Milburn PhD

Wireless Technology Injured Advocacy Group

Oxidative mechanisms of biological activity of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation

The Effects of Cell Phone Waves (900 MHz-GSM Band) on Sperm Parameters and Total Antioxidant Capacity in Rats

Findings Show Radiation Emissions from Wireless Phones are Class 1 Carcinogens

National Cancer Institute: cell phones and Cancer Risk

Mobile phone and cordless phone use and the risk for glioma – Analysis of pooled case-control studies in Sweden, 1997–2003 and 2007–2009

Mobiles Linked To Disturbed Sleep

Tumor promotion by exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields below exposure limits for humans

The Connection Between Cell Phones and Cancer

NASA article about Schumann Resonance

Mobile phone use and brain tumors in the CERENAT case-control study

The Environmental Illness Resource

Intensive mobile phone users at higher risk of brain cancers, says study

Epidemiological features of brain tumors

Relationship between exposure to extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields and breast cancer risk: a meta-analysis

Radiofrequency, Wireless, Cell Phone and EMF Risks

Multifocal Breast Cancer in Young Women with Prolonged Contact between Their Breasts and Their Cellular Phones

Exposure to electromagnetic fields (non-ionizing radiation) and its relationship with childhood leukemia: A systematic review

Mobile phones, wifi and power lines

Association for Comprehensive Neuropathy – Electohypersensitivity Resources & Research

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: a systematic review of provocation studies.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: evidence for a novel neurological syndrome.

Use of laptop computers connected to internet through Wi-Fi decreases human sperm motility and increases sperm DNA fragmentation

Influence of non ionizing radiation of base stations on the activity of redox proteins in bovines.

Acute ocular injuries caused by 60-Ghz millimeter-wave exposure.

Electromagnetic Radiation ( EMR ) And Potential Adverse Health Affects

Mobile phone use and health symptoms in children

Effect of GSTM1 and GSTT1 Polymorphisms on Genetic Damage in Humans Populations Exposed to Radiation From Mobile Towers.

Human disease resulting from exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Mobile phones affect multiple sperm quality traits: a meta-analysis

Wi-Fi Laptops Harm Sperm Motility And Increase Sperm DNA Fragmentation

Environment, Health and Safety Online

Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (RF-EMR) from GSM (0.9/1.8GHZ) Mobile Phones Induces Oxidative Stress and Reduces Sperm Motility in Rats

Cell Phone Use Linked to Male Infertility

World Health Organization – EMF Hypersensitivity Workshop Oct 2004 (pdf document)

Exposure to a 900 MHz electromagnetic field for 1 hour a day over 30 days does change the histopathology and biochemistry of the rat testis

Structural and ultrastructural study of rat testes influenced by electromagnetic radiation.

Is Your Headache Caused by Electro-Smog?

Effect of long-term exposure of 2.4?GHz radiofrequency radiation emitted from Wi-Fi equipment on testes functions

Cell phone usage and erectile function

Hese Project International on EMF

Use of mobile phone during pregnancy and the risk of spontaneous abortion

Lifestyle Risk Factors Associated with Threatened Miscarriage: A Case-Control Study

Digital Naturopath – The Analyst article on electrical hypersensitivity

The effects of long-term exposure to a 2450?MHz electromagnetic field on growth and pubertal development in female Wistar rats

A Prospective Study of In-utero Exposure to Magnetic Fields and the Risk of Childhood Obesity

ElectroMagnetic Fields and Home Power Systems

Metabolic and genetic screening of electromagnetic hypersensitive subjects as a feasible tool for diagnostics and intervention

Risk of Radiation Exposure to Children and Their Mothers

Health Effects of Prenatal Radiation Exposure

Effects of 2.4 GHz radiofrequency radiation emitted from Wi-Fi equipment on microRNA expression in brain tissue.

Cell biology and EMF safety standards.

Effects of electromagnetic radiation on health and immune function of operators

Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy – Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression

Assessment of Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters

Extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields cause DNA strand breaks in normal cells.

Electromagnetic fields and health: DNA-based dosimetry.

Non-thermal continuous and modulated electromagnetic radiation fields effects on sleep EEG of rats

Effect of American Ginseng Capsule on the liver oxidative injury and the Nrf2 protein expression in rats exposed by electromagnetic radiation of frequency of cell phone

Effects of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Signal Exposure on Brain Glucose Metabolism

Exposure to ELF magnetic and ELF-modulated radiofrequency fields: the time course of physiological and cognitive effects observed in recent studies (2001-2005)

Radiation health Effects

Electromagnetic Radiation and Toxic Exposure

RF Cancer Promotion: Animal Study Makes Waves

Radiofrequency (RF) Fields: Possibly, Probably, or Definitely Carcinogenic — The Evidence Mounts Toward the Latter.

Polarization: A Key Difference between Man-made and Natural Electromagnetic Fields, in regard to Biological Activity

To what extent do these trends reflect the research into adverse effects on health of Electromagnetic Radiation? (pdf document)

Effects of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Signal Exposure on Brain Glucose Metabolism

Experiments with Cress [and Wi-Fi] in 9th Grade attracts international attention [Denmark] 16th May 2013

Henry Lai Research Summaries

Magnetic Activity and Schumann Resonance – Northern California Data Center

Self-reporting of symptom development from exposure to radiofrequency fields of wireless smart meters in victoria, australia: a case series.

Spike in “Aggressive” Brain Cancer in Denmark

Peer-reviewed scientific studies on EMF related subjects

Collection of studies showing biological impacts from EMF

Governments and Organizations that Ban or Warn against Wireless Technology

Dr. Magda Havas PhD – articles/studies on emf

Nu Energy Research Archive- Tesla Free Energy Device

Tesla memorial Society of New York

Nikola Tesla Patents

Studies and Articles in PDF Format

The Practical Guide to Benefits of Scalar Energy

A Review on Health Benefits of Scalar Energy

Scalar Noble Gas Therapy and the Cellula


A personal EHS Case Study

blackonwhite-swedish-electrosensitivity study


Exposure to Magnetic Fields Correlation – Embryos


Low intensity radiofrequency radiation- oxidant for living cells

Scalar Energy Health Benefits

Scalar Wave Theory And Experiments

Print Resources

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Scalar Waves
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Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration
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Scalar Wave Theory: Green’s Functions and Applications (Springer Series on Wave Phenomena)
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Scalar Heart Connection
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The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy
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The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World
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Energy Medicine Technologies
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Bioelectromagnetic Healing – A Rationale for its Use
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Scalar Potentials Fields and Waves
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