Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about scalar wave generators

QuMMulator Basic FAQ

How does QuMMulator work?
Where is QuMMulator made?
I already have some QuWave products. Should I buy QuMMulator too?
What is QuMMulator's range? How close to I need to be to the unit?
Will using QuMMulator make my electric bill skyrocket?
I live outside the US - will QuMMulator work with my power outlet?
Why are there seven ports on the Base Unit and only six Plugins in Packs and Kits?

QuMMulator Usage FAQ

How do I use QuMMulator?
Where can I put QuMMultator?
Where should I use QuMMulator?
When should I use QuMMulator?
Should I keep QuMMulator on at all times?
Does QuMMulator make noise?
The lights on the Base Unit are too bright. What can I do?

QuMMulator Starter Pack FAQ

What is included with a QuMMulator Starter Pack?
Can I substitute any Frequency Plugins in a Starter Pack?
Which Starter Pack is best for me?

QuMMulator Super Pack FAQ

What is included with a QuMMulator Super Pack?
Can I substitute any Frequency Plugins in a Super Pack?
How do I power all the Base Units at the same time?

Frequency Plugin FAQ

What is included in a Frequency Plugin Kit?
How do I turn on the Frequency Plugins?
What is the white circle on the label for?
Can I use the Frequency Plugins in any USB port?
Why does the light blink on some Frequency Plugins and others are steady?
Can I pick the Frequency Plugins I want to use?
Do I have to keep all the Frequency Plugins turned on at once?
Can I use more than one of the same Plugin at the same time? What would the effect be?
If I buy one type of Starter Pack, can I also buy Frequency Plugins from other Packs?

QuMMulator Purchasing FAQ

Is there a guarantee?
Is there a warranty?
What is the shipping method?
How much does shipping cost?
Where are QuMMulator products shipped from?

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