Electrical Frequencies

electrical frequencies in scalar generators

Electricity moves in waves at various rates. The frequency of a wave is determined by how often in one period of time the wave moves from one baseline to another. A wave that moves more quickly has a higher frequency than a wave that moves slowly.

QuMMulator’s Frequency Plugins generate electrical frequencies at specific rates. These frequencies, carried along a scalar field, are capable of modifying the rate at which neurons in the brain fire. This happens through a scientific phenomena known as resonance frequencies.

Resonance frequencies occur when the frequency of one thing affects the frequency of another thing. In this way, frequencies generated by QuMmulator affect the electrical activity in the brain.

By tuning in to a specific frequency, or vibration, we align our own electrical activity with that frequency to achieve a desired result. Just as harmful frequencies emitted by our electrical devices can be detrimental to our well-being, we can put frequencies to work for us in a positive, healing way.

Continued exposure to QuMMulator’s Frequency Plugins strengthens the influence of beneficial frequencies. Due to the cumulative nature of the scalar field that “delivers” the frequencies to the body’s electrical system, this type of energy healing is a gradual process.

electrical frequencies scalar waves

Because everybody is different, the effects of electrical frequencies vary. One person might feel the impact of a frequency instantly while another feels nothing. Individual sensitivity plays a part here. Those who are more aware of the inner workings of their bodies and minds generally notice subtle changes in energy easily.

Regardless of your conscious awareness, frequencies work behind the scenes, for better or for worse.

With QuMMulator, you have a powerful weapon to fight the negative energies that are all around.

Put frequencies to work in your favor today!

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