About QuWave

QuMMulator is brought to you by QuWave LLC.

QuWave, a leader in the energy medicine field, is located in Ledgewood, NJ, USA. For over ten years, QuWave has been manufacturing unique scalar energy healing products.

All QuWave devices generate scalar waves along with Solfeggio frequencies and/or other silent electric frequencies including the Schumann Resonance and Orgone energies.

QuWave products promote healing, anxiety relief, pain relief and more for a happy and balanced lifestyle.

QuWave’s employees are all local residents who are dedicated to creating quality products and providing outstanding customer support. Though QuWave does not have a storefront, the online company has customers, affiliates, and resellers around the world.

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QuWave Product Lines:


The Harmonizer neutralizes the negative effects of harmful EMFs (electromagnetic fields). This product line generates the Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz) along with extremely high frequency scalar waves. This increases energy, reduces stress, and eases other symptoms of EMF pollution.

Harmonizer EMF radiation protection products


The Defender products are made for Targeted Individuals. People suffering from electronic/psychic harassment, mind control, V2K/voice to skull, and microchips benefit from the Defender line. A combination of Solfeggio frequencies along with scalar waves form a protective cocoon around the individual. This provides anxiety relief and soothes the pain associated with these attacks.

Defender targeted individual shield products


Infuse food, water, vitamins, and jewelry with scalar and orgone energy (sometimes known as Chi or Prana). Use the Tabletop Energizer to make your own scalar products. The Fixed Energizer mounts to water pipes/water heaters. This provides positively charged water to the entire home and garden.

Energizer to infuse food water jewelry with scalar waves and orgone energy


There are seven different models in QuWave’s Solfeggio line. All of these products generate Solfeggio frequencies and scalar waves to produce distinct results. Choose from the Dreamer sleep aid, Divine meditation aid, Relaxer for body/mind/spirit, Quitter addictive behavior fighter, Slenderizer food craving fighter, Amore love and intimacy magnet, and Law of Attraction Magnet.

Solfeggio frequency generators with scalar wave technology


QuShield is an EMF protection sticker for cell phones, laptops, TVs, and other household electronics. It neutralizes the effects of electromagnetic radiation and shields you from EMF generated by electronic devices.

EMF protection sticker for cell phones

For more information about QuWave, visit www.QuWave.com

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